Monday, January 28, 2008


Went to see "Atonement". I didn't want to see it at first since I am really not a fan of Keira Knightley and I just can't see the attraction of any "most romantic movie since Titanic" if she is in it. M was all keen on it though as well as my friend ZM so we ended up going for it. The movie actually is really well made. The director made really fantastic use of close up shots that showcase the actor's eyes. There are so much meaning being conveyed in each subtle look. You can practically understand the whole movie without any dialog. The movie soundtrack and cinematography is also gorgeous as well. Besides silly Keira Knightley whom I hate, I really enjoyed all the other casts, especially the 13 year old younger sister did an amazing job as a precocious child with an agenda. For a movie hailed as an "epic romance", there really wasn't too much romance involved as Keira Knightley and her beau spend most of the movie being apart. I didn't feel moved at all by their love story. I feel like I have been misled by all the advertisements trying to grab all the ladies to the theatre..tsk tsk.. (or maybe my heart is just made of ice =P) I won't give away the ending, but really, you can't really consider a romance "epic" if they lived happily ever after eh?

Now that I have seen one of the Oscar movies, I feel obligated to see all the rest of them, so on my list will be "No Country For Old Men", and "There Will Be Blood" and perhaps "Juno" and "Michael Clayton".

On a different note, I downloaded demo for Devil May Cry 4 on xbox yesterday. It is a beautiful slash and hack game with really gorgeous graphics and fluid combo motions. I enjoyed playing it except for the fact the camera angle is horrendous. This is 2007, not 1999, the time of fixed camera angels should be times of the past!!


Velius said...

I recently downloaded 3:10 to Yuma after playing too much BANG! I suppose I should watch it.

moonfleck said...

I was thinking about that as well. They don't play it in theatre anymore. let me know if it is good.