Tuesday, January 22, 2008


WE were once again the winner of the coveted $1 pitcher yesterday (losing = winning!). We had a whoppin 28 points! although the point spread wasn't that big to be honest, we graded the 3rd place winner which had 40 points. The fantastic news was that there was a Star Trek category!! The awful news is that I couldn't remember what happened at the ending of TNG, the last episode called "All Good Things Must Come TO An End". So we missed the easy question :( but I did get the rest of the category. There was a category on Marques Tuaiasosopo (sp?) and that was too obscure for me to even remember the questions right now.

Bonus round was actually Jeopardy style this time. The questions were the first 10 final jeopardy question on the tv show Jeopardy (without a bunch of Russian secretary questions). and we had to wager 0-2 points. Now being reckless gamblers that we are, we wagered 2 on every question so we will either win spectacularly, or get the $1 pitcher beer so we can't lose either way. :)

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