Thursday, January 24, 2008

defending the national pride

The Chinese group organized a group trip to the sonics game last night against the ROckets. We were of course rooting for Yao Ming, some secretly, some not so secret. The game was actually really intense, Rockets won by 2 points at the last minute, they were 11 points down still with 5 minutes left. So it was very exciting. Everybody was standing the last 2 minutes of the game. I had a really good time watching the game and dropping hotdog sauce all over myself. :)

After the game, some more excitement happened too: quoting our group leader:

"Several guys robbed the national flag at the very end of Yao Ming's game tonight.
With support of many Chinese friends from here and from mitbbs, one of the robbers was put to jail (at least told by the police) for at least tonight. It will be a very cold night for him.

The good news is the national flag was found right before we left the arena and in good condition. Cheers!
Also, the game is a very exciting one and Houston finally won the game. (That is part of the reason the drunk robber did that stupid thing.)

Thanks everybody's help!
Without your support, we could not hold the guy until police arrived.
This accident gave us strong confidence that when united, our Chinese community has huge power.
Let's keep united.

Chinese news report:


Velius said...

That's totally awesome. I can totally see that the local sports teams are deeply ingrained in your heart! =)

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