Sunday, January 20, 2008


So I went skiing on Saturday with some friends who all went to snowboard. But I am determined to get better at skiing. We went to Snoqualmie pass, which is a small mountain (think Eldora) about an hour away from where I live. The mountain is divided into 3 sections and we were on the west side. They only had ONE green trail and maybe 3 blue ones plus a small bowl. We didn't get there til after noon so we had to get night skiing tickets. Night skiing really isn't that different since the snow reflects so much light. It is kind of interesting to experience though. The snow was actually really good, it was snowing like crazy all day and we had some nice powder in the afternoon. There were 7 inches on the car when we went back to dig it out (all beautiful powder).

I rented my skis at the ticket window but even as I went down the green slope I immediately realized I couldn't control my speed. No matter how big of a V I made, I just charged straight ahead, it was quite scary actually. So that resulted in couple wipeouts, including one that bounced my head around. :( I thought maybe I have lost all the strength I have picked up in Colorado. I went down the trail several more times but it wasn't getting any better. Lastly, we went down a very short blue slope ( it is nothing compare to the green we went down in Vail) and I went into a huge wipe out and twisted my left knee pretty badly. So now I am crippled and have to stay home and take advil :(

I have no idea what happened, I shouldn't be wiping out on the green slopes now! I figure perhaps the skis are somehow weird and I can't get any edge on them or something, cause the boots fitted perfectly. Anyway, that was kind of a disaster over all hahaha. The people I went with are trying to go every weekend this season. I really want to join them as I think that would really improve my skills alot. But at this rate, I would be lucky if I wasn't injured the whole season lol


ender said...

Dang, I hope you get better soon. It's cool that there's a nearby ski place for you to practice at; I was thinking about doing the same thing over here, but the snow stopped falling in the first week of January :(

Tochi said...

Oh no... poor Catnipped. Hope you make a speedy recovery. Good thing you didn't injure your right knee (driving knee).

Kungfucius said...

>.< I hope you didn't catch my VO curse of injury :( I'll have to make sure to plan VO4 activities that minimize the probability of injury.

Hope you get well soon!

Kay said...

G and I decided you should either buy your own skis or rent from REI the day before we go.

Also, that program they did is a super good deal. Not only do you get the $99 with everything, after you finish the program, you can get a season pass, a rental season pass, AND a private lesson all for only $179! Too bad we started so late this season.

moonfleck said...

yeah I thought maybe I should rent it from a store, its probably cheaper too, But I don't know whether it would fit in my car. I am not really up to putting a rack on my roof lol.

Tochi said...

Wow, that $99/$179 program that Kay described sounds like a great deal.

Keep up the skiing though! I fully expect you to be giving us lessons on our next ski trip. :)