Wednesday, May 16, 2007


the word "Cafeteria" is usually synonymous with "bad food". This is still true here in my building also. I usually buy lunch and it is always such a hard decision to choose between "nasty stir fry" and "even nastier roast chicken". Although to be fair, our cafeteria probably has more variety than most. Today though, I walked down the stairs at noon to the cafeteria, browsed the different stations and bypassed the pasta station and went to the deli, except instead of the regular "roast chicken", there was a sign that says "gourmet lunch plate- New York Steak and Snow Crab Legs ". I looked over to the station and sure enough, that is what is there, along with some parsley, and gravy among other things. I was COMPLETELY SPEECHLESS. Apparently even the cook gets bored once in a while, and aspires to be a gourmet chef :). and it was very good too !


Kungfucius said...

Hurray for gourmet lunches! :) Hopefully this'll lead to better lunches in the long run.

Velius said...

Are you sure they didn't put some wierd gas in the air ducts that make you hallucinate? Makes the roast chicken look like crab and steak?

Tochi said...

I always wondered why food at my company cafeteria is both expensive and "bad". My company is essentially just taking back part of our salary and feeding us junk. Kind of sad, if you think about it. :(

Glad that you can enjoy a good lunch once in a while! :)