Tuesday, May 08, 2007

trivia night

After a few weeks hiatus when Snoopy was away, we went back to Trivia Night, this time with one of Snoopy's friend. With his help, we were able to squeeze out of last place by a mere 2 points for a total of 15!!! This week's questions were pretty hard. Although Velius tells me that any "normal" person would know the Godfather, father and cousin of Barry Bonds. Too bad none of us was normal, would have helped in the "Barry Bond is an Asshole" category. We also completely bombed the "60s one hit wonder" category. Did ok in the science category. The bonus round was the incredibly "变态“ question of name the top 20 grossing films of all time ADJUSTED FOR INFLATION!! We somehow missed all disney entries bleh. anyway, at least we weren't last place, much to the disappointment of our new teammate haha.

ETA; top 20 grossing film of all time adjusted for inflation, source: boxofficemojo

Title Studio Adjusted Gross Unadjusted Gross Year^
1 Gone with the Wind MGM 1,329,453,600 $198,676,459 1939^
2 Star Wars Fox $1,172,026,900 $460,998,007 1977^
3 The Sound of Music Fox $937,093,200 $158,671,368 1965
4 E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial Uni. $933,401,500 $435,110,554 1982^
5 The Ten Commandments Par. $861,980,000 $65,500,000 1956
6 Titanic Par. $844,515,900 $600,788,188 1997
7 Jaws Uni. $842,758,600 $260,000,000 1975
8 Doctor Zhivago MGM $816,811,300 $111,721,910 1965
9 The Exorcist WB $727,541,800 $232,671,011 1973^
10 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Dis. $717,220,000 $184,925,486 1937^
11 101 Dalmatians Dis. $657,455,500 $144,880,014 1961^
12 The Empire Strikes Back Fox $646,028,600 $290,475,067 1980^
13 Ben-Hur MGM $644,840,000 $74,000,000 1959
14 Return of the Jedi Fox $618,910,900 $309,306,177 1983^
15 The Sting Uni. $586,560,000 $156,000,000 1973
16 Raiders of the Lost Ark Par. $579,973,400 $242,374,454 1981^
17 Jurassic Park Uni. $567,234,400 $357,067,947 1993
18 The Graduate AVCO $562,688,100 $104,642,560 1967
19 Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace Fox $558,153,800 $431,088,301 1999
20 Fantasia Dis. $546,426,100 $76,408,097 1941^


Tochi said...

I never knew Mandarian speakers say 變態 - always thought it was a Cantonese thing. For some reason, I have a hard time picturing you saying that. lol.

Kungfucius said...

For those illiterate asians (like me unfortunately -_-), what's that pair of symbols mean?

moonfleck said...

oh sorry, it means like extremely ridiculous, is that a good translation tochi?

moonfleck said...

actually, perverted is probably better translation. I don't think people say it as much as it is common as internet speak, like the word "snarky".

Ender said...

My goodness, I am totally useless at trivia. One hit wonders from the '60s? And did anyone get the top 20 grossing movies correct?

Nevertheless, I am totally pumped about the forthcoming Veggie raid of trivia night.

Tochi said...

I guess perverted is a good translation for 變態, especially when used to describe a person. In the context that Catnipped used it, I would lean towards "f'd up". Excuse my vulgar language.

Ender said...

I would not have guessed 40% of that list. All those Disney movies are not my favorites!