Friday, May 04, 2007

Spiderman 3

Our team went to see Spiderman 3 as a morale event today during the day (yay no work). The theatre was packed with other techy nerd groups that got off work and kids who got off school. we were able to get whole rows together as a group which was always nice. I liked the movie alot. It was well done, the story was pretty complex and it tied up all the loose ends nicely. There was alot of awesome action sequences involving tight flying in cramped spaces and brutal beatings of pretty much everyone. I think they really tried to pay homage to the original comic by introducing lots of symbolism and themes into this movie. The movie was also packed with comic moments to relieve the constant beating up of everyone. you will know what I mean when you see the Jazz bar scene. (groan from everyone) one shining surprise moment was the brief appearance of Bruce Campbell (Autolycus in the Hercules tv series). He is always hilarious. Anyway, I won't give out too much details. The only fault I would say is that the story is almost too complex to fit in 2 and half hours. I feel like they tried to cram too much stuff in. I think it would have made 2 movies easily and with more breathing room for everybody. Would love to hear everyone's opinion of it.


Tochi said...

I pretty much concur with your review. :) Overall, the movie was very enjoyable. It was pretty much what one would expect from a super hero movie. The action sequences were awesome. The acting and special effects all came off really well.

Unfortunately, as you pointed out, the movie felt too long and very crammed. They tried to interweave too many plot details together. As a result, the movie lost some flow, in terms of both plot and character development. It felt like disjoint scenes were inserted just to get the story moving again.

Much to the credit of the director and script writers, the story really came together in the end - tying up loose ends and finishing the movie very nicely.

I have to mention something... that "flag" moment was very macho. Everyone in the theatre cringed when they saw that scene. I bet my state-side friends were all thumping on their chests though. :)

Tochi said...

Oh, another thing I forgot to mention.. the music was rather subpar in the movie. For example, the moment when Spidey dons his proper suit, I was so expecting strong, passionate, almost patriotic music... but alas, the scene just moved on.

moonfleck said...

HAHA, yes the "flag" moment, trust me, it wasn't macho at all. our whole theatre burst laughing when we saw that, was super cheesy.