Sunday, May 06, 2007

culture day

I went to the Seattle Art Museum yesterday with some friends. They are grand opening after renovations so they gave free tickets to everyone. I didn't even know it was there until yesterday. For a big city Seattle doesn't have alot of museums. I was totally disappointed with the science museum when I went before( Houston's was so much better) so I didn't have high hopes but it actually turned out to be pretty great. The museum is situated right in the middle of downtown Seattle. It was very modern looking and the exhibit halls were pretty big. They had 3 floors with mostly paintings and some sculptures and clothing. I was most impressed with the range of subjects they were able to cover. They had a rather large modern art section (expressionism and abstract expressionism). Stuff that just goes way over my head but was interesting to look at nonetheless. I just wonder how come people think that painting two colored squares is so cool. They had a pretty sizable oil painting exhibit with some gorgeous works, an Asian exhibit filled mostly with japanese art, some very interesting "native" art from Africa, Australia and Americas. I especially liked the seritaph paintings done by BC native Americans. They are really beautiful. I can't find any info on Seritaph on the internet though (how strange is that!) Anyway, it was fun thing to do for a day.

Later in the day, I went to hear my friend's band Peratus play at Waldo's bar. I never heard them before so it was an interesting experience. I guess their music is best described as "Heavy Metal"? Not something I would normally listen to but I can certainly admire the energy of the music and the performance. I actually got there kind of late so I missed my friend playing the Keytar. He is a 80s dude haha. I thought they put up a great show. The last song was so full of energy and passion that people went up and jumped around in front of the stage. Although I realized later, their band was actually pretty mellow considering the band that came up next was Second Coming. SC is actually pretty famous and their lead singer was screaming so much I was afraid he was gonna tear his vocal chord but I suppose he is used to it. Their music was much louder and much more angsty. I can't say I liked the really fast stuff but some of the slower stuff (comparatively speaking) was not bad.

So I started out the day looking at artworks and ended the day with my ears ringing, all in all, not bad :)

ETA: I just realized the reason that I can't find seritaph is that I remembered it wrong, it was actually SeriGraph.

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