Tuesday, May 22, 2007

wow is taking over the world

well what else is new right? I was just looking at google news and there was a news article on Google's latest tool Google Hot Trends where they list the fastest rising (not the most searched) searches in a day. It is pretty interesting to look at some of their graph of ascension. For example, Stone Phillips was #3 when I wrote this blog, but he is on a steady decline after spending about ONE minute at the top. As I was looking at this list, I noticed this term "ctmod" that didn't come up with any articles relating to it. Then I was looking at blogposts and I realized it is a wow mod term. Then my coworkers came to me and pointed out that the 7 out of the top 25 are Wow related terms. I guess Wow is as hot as ever (or because a new patch came out haha). In testament to its hotness, I saw this video on Kotaku about the origin of WOw character dances, its pretty well done and Tunuk brings back such great memories sigh...

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