Wednesday, May 16, 2007

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Yes, the rest of you is not allowed to read it. :) ( I really need yall's email)

Anyway, I saw someone asking about Olympics NP on our mailing list so I compiled a bunch of the responses for you. They are talking about Memorial weekend, you won't have to worry about rain too much.

I go to the coast (La Push, near Forks) just about every Memorial Day weekend. Over the past 12 years, it has ALWAYS rained at least a bit. It’s usually in the 50’s or 60’s during the day, and probably the 40’s at night. Thus we have always stayed in cabins with HEAT. J It is lovely.

The cabins at La Push are “rustic”, but you are right on the beach (“1st beach”) and there is hiking nearby (“2nd beach” and “3rd beach”). Many people go there and camp, but I’m not into it that early in the season (too rainy). Kalaloch is supposed to be nice too, but I’ve never been there.

Given the late date, it could be difficult getting a reservation…good luck!

As a Seattle native who has been watching the weather around here for almost 50 years, Memorial Day weather is: unreliable. Only July and Aug are reliably dry. The rest of the months are risky.

Hurricane Ridge has some nice hikes and you can stay in Port Angeles if it’s wet. And the drive is a bit shorter than the coast. Better make your reservations soon though!That’s a busy weekend! The best places will likely be full.

Most any time of the year I would plan on rain in the Olympics. Just make sure you have a waterproof floor/tarp for your tent. Also most campgrounds require a camping permit. I would actually be surprised if you could still get a permit unless you are planning to go way into the back country. If you plan on just doing day hikes you’ll still need a park pass. We buy an annual pass each year that allows us into both the national parks as well as state parks for under a 100 bucks. I’m not sure what the price will be this year.

As for hiking over a two day period I would recommend Hurricane ridge. It’s very close to Port Angeles, and has a good range of hiking trails. There’s everything from a paved trail at the top to very rugged trails with little or no markings.

Enjoy your trip.

You can call 360-565-3131 for the weather information. The automated message is updated twice a day. Once at 8:30am and second one at 3:00pm.

We stayed in Red Lion Hotel in Port Angeles. It was good and prefer asking the room facing the water. The view is good early in the morning (if there is sun J)

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Tochi said...

Wow, thanks for the info! If you come across any discussion of the North Cascades National Park, do you mind passing that along too? :)