Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dating Woes

So, I am at an age where basically any random stranger whom I meet seems to register my single-ness and my age and automatically start to set me up with random guys from all walks of life. This has gotten especially ridiculous funny this year to the point of making me speechless. It all started when I was in college, where M promised me she will never try to set me up with anyone as she is very "liberal", being the good innocent person that I was I believed her. So needless to say I suffered a major shock when starting around last year, she started to bring up random guys that she either know at work. or who are relatives of her friends that she thinks I should meet. At first it was just a casual "so, I know this guy that is nice", then it became 'I got this guy's email and phone number, you should reply to him" to "We need to take a better picture of you so we can send to this guy" Notice the increasing level of desperation... Anyway, this was of course all done with my permission as I figure it is better to nod and smile. Besides, it is kind of expected of M. Since in Asian culture, if you don't have a steady bf by the time you are 25, people think you have some weird disease.

So I have done my part in emailing strangers who live across the country, completely pointless if you ask me. I am firm disbeliever of "blind dates" and "online dating" (perhaps I am missing out?). This is all tolerable until recently, when basically almost everybody I know starts to mention random boys to me. Case in point, I met a girl about 2 weeks ago at a wedding reception who happen to work in the next building over. She is Chinese and married (alarm should have sounded). She seems like a nice person and I like talking to her. We have had lunch twice now, when all of a sudden she started asking me about my dating life and what kind of boys I like. This all ended with today when she came to my office and said "btw, I know this boy that wants to date you, what do you say ".. ME: ........ Her enthusiasm can only be described by the fabled mythical being of “媒婆“, whose passion in matchmaking is surpassed only by the layer of powder on her nose. I was completely speechless since I am unaccustomed to such direct questions. So I kinda made random noises and tried to change the subject. It is almost funny the situation that I am in now haha.


Kabitzin said...

So are you going on the date? Cause if not, I can go like find some guys on the east coast for you to email.

If nothing else, I bet some of the blind dates make for great horror stories!

Ender said...

Online dating seems super sketchy though; at least with setups you do have a point of reference.

Btw, you make it sound like that Chinese lady was in a cult and was trying to convert you. "At first, she SEEMED nice..."

Let us know what happens in the next chapter of your saga! Post pictures/incriminating emails/etc of the bad ones so we trashtalk him and boost your self esteem.

moonfleck said...

LOl, I didn't mean it that way, I was trying to say I didn't know here very long.

I don't have any horror stories either since most people seems to be completely nice and normal haha.

Kungfucius said...

As ridiculous as it may seem, at least you're getting some exposure to guys and it'll give you a better idea on what you like and dislike. So hopefully it'll work out for you at the end :)

Tochi said...

I'm beginning to understand why you found that Dan Hill hit so touching. "Sometimes when we touch, the honesty's too much..."

Smart pretty gals are a rare breed nowadays - not surprising that your friends are trying to hook you up with their pals. That 媒人 red pocket is more than enough motivation. :)

Kay said...

hello - are you going on the date or not??? lol.


there i did it.

we can all use a glory in our lives =P

Velius said...

More drama is always fun, I mean otherwise, life is just so boring. I say go on as many of these as you can, as long as the guy isn't super creepy or anything. Important thing to remember is don't get a BF merely for the sake of getting a BF, make sure it's the right one.

ender said...

Did attending that wedding cause you to become emotionally sensitive?

moonfleck said...

I dont' think so, I don't really get sentimental about such things but one is always glad to see happy couples :)