Friday, May 04, 2007

A sight to be seen

Many people may have heard me complain (endlessly)about the terrible weather within the NW winter/spring where cloudy days are followed by rainy days followed by cloudy days in an endless dreary cycle. However, I may not talk about another phenomenon that happens so rare I almost don't think about it anymore. As rare as a beautiful sunny day is around this time, a clear night sky is an even more rare thing. The most crystal blue skies during the day will almost always be followed by nights where a deep veil of clouds hangs unmoving over the city. The darkness is so eternal and stifling that the moon and stars seems more like mythical objects than real things. I think it has been at least 3 months since I've seen a clear night sky. This is why it is such a rare treat when I drove out from my late dinner party tonight and saw the most perfect FULL moon shining brightly in the sky. It is surrounded by the thinnest of clouds that was not able to obscure its light. It was even more beautiful when I drove over the bridge and saw its pale reflection shimmering over the black waters. I was so mesmerized that I almost swerved out of my lane. I was determined to rush home as quickly as possible and take a picture of this sight. Alas, just as I was reaching home, all the while straining my neck to keep the moon in my sight, The ever ominous cloud cover slowly crept in, until the last silver lining flickered and disappeared, and the moment was lost.


Kungfucius said...

Sounded like a beautiful sight to behold :) This sort of reminded me of a similar apprecation of nature when I was at Death Valley in December, except that it wasn't visual but more auditory. Standing in the desert, you hear absolutely nothing, which felt weird at first, but it made me realize how much noise I'm exposed to at a daily basis, so the silence was sort of soothing after a while.

Tochi said...

Very eloquent! I also shared similar thoughts early in the week. Many weeks have come and passed without a day of sunshine. Fortunately, the Gods have answered our prayers and blessed us with a week of beautiful days and nights. Every morning, on the drive to work, I'm immersed in that fuzzy warmth and sense of renewal from the sun's eye-blinding rays at horizon yonder. More impressive is at day's end with the departure of the sun and its massive entourage of golden rays casted upon the endless sky. Best of all, the birds and critters have returned from their yearly vacation to entertain us with their sweet melodies. To be able to take a step back and indulge in the awe-inspiring beauty and vastness of mother nature is truly an experience.

Regarding to Kung's point about silence, my work recently had a blackout. As the power failed, a constant humming from the overhead lights and computers that I'd never previously noticed also went away. That moment of "pure" silence was quite blissful.

I need to visit death valley.. for the silence and the other important thing. :)

Kabitzin said...

I can relate! When I was living in Williamsburg, VA, the sky was sooooo clear all the time. On the nights after the major Hurricane hit (late at night, after everyone turned their noisy generators off), it was crazy how completely quiet and dark it was... like outer space!

I am a little disturbed that you almost caused a traffic accident staring at the moon, though =P.

Velius said...

Yeah, all this talk about quiet and sky, etc etc. But be away from the internet for JUST a few days and the complaints start coming. OMG how do I live without internet!!!!?????

Ender said...

Arizona has clear skies every day, but there is no forest or river to be illuminated. The landscape in general is so boring! I guess you can't have everything. Unless you live in California.