Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Trivia Night Saga Continues

Last night Snoopy and I went to Trivia Night again with a new team member J. We had high hopes for J since he knows ALOT of sports trivia. So we thought we were well covered there. The night started pretty normal, the 3 funny guys were back to announce questions. I think they are my favorites out of all the question guys, because of their dry humor. The categories turned out to be quite mundane, nothing BT at all, or so it seemed at first: We first started out with the Year 1989, J was pretty confident since he was in High School that time and therefore should remember stuff. But we were stumped by the name of the ROmanian dictator that was executed that year (Nicolae Ceausescu), and the name of the Captain of Exxon -Valdez (Hazelwood) among other things, and here I thought I know all my communist dictators humph.

The next category was National Parks and we did really well, who knew that Grand Teton was named for the French slang for big nipples -_-!

Did not do so well on Long winded quotes from famous Docs, who remember what the hell the Monroe Doctrine said? Or the Immacipation Proclaimation? ANyway, it all went downhill from there, as we passed through current events, famous quotes (Snoopy really should insist on Benjamin Franklin for everything =P) and Famous movie quotes ( we only got Princess Bride and The Good, THe Bad and the Ugly).

The bonus round was picking out the top10 most powerful women in the world out of the top20 list by Forbes. We actually got 5/10 going for the Rich=Powerful rule. But we missed the Chancellor of Germany and Vice Premier of China. ALl in all, not bad for guessing. Our final was 23 points, which put us about middle way :) and alas, there was almost no Sports questions at all sniff.

The really funny thing was at the end when they were announcing the score from the last to first place, they went by the way of "this team, who did blahblah in the last few weeks, got this score". We were at the point where they were about to announce the 20s, and the guy started out with "this team, who got 23 points..." at this point we were like "yes thats us!!", guy:" did quite well in the previous weeks..." us:"... oh wait, thats not us" LOL, apparently we tied with some other more famous team :)

PSA: I already got fly schedule from one person, coming in at 10:30 am on Thursday, leaving at 7 Am on Tuesday morning. Get tickets soon and see if you can get around that time to save me some gas ;)


Tochi said...

Good job! Just curious, what score did the winning team achieve? Were they in a totally different league (in terms of trivia skill)?

moonfleck said...

This was a particularly low scoring round. First place got something like 36 points. Alot of the teams are 5-6 people also so they get a natural advantage. But I thought we did pretty well for 3 people :)